Anime - a celebration of Anime and Japanese Culture, Art, Traditions, Food, and Special Interests
Cosplay - you're never too old to dress up, our cosplay event features industry veterans and celebrated people in the world of cosplay for panels and a cosplay contest.
Experience - Celebrity events with meet & greets, VIP dinners, silent auctions for memorabilia, and more!
Jam - our Game Jam! Participants make a video game from scratch in line with the theme of the jam and within 12 hours.
Print - our event for books, comics, graphic novels, and anything else that's fit to print! Writers, authors, bloggers, artists and more!
TCG - trading card games. play them, trade them, buy them, sell them, this is the place to be. vendors, artists, and tournaments!
Turbo - speed-running has been a staple of the video game industry since video games were created. this speedrunning exhibition and celebration showcases some of the regions top speed-runners as they play games from start to finish, as fast as possible.
Unplugged - indie board and card game designers rejoice and celebrate all things here! Come playtest new games, celebrate indie tabletop games and unplug for a weekend!
Wired - indie video game developers showcase their latest games as we celebrate indie games! Panels on game development, guest speakers from the games industry, and more!


What is HashtagCon?
—HashtagCon celebrates your favorite parts of larger traditional comic book and pop culture conventions individually. 

How many conventions are there?
—Currently Hashtag produces 9 different shows, they feature panels, guests, vendors, and activities for each showcase:

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Saturday, July 22nd, 12pm-9pm
Costume Contest | Panels | Vendors | Special Guests

What's the
Cosplay Series?

HashtagCon takes individual elements from conventions and gives them space to shine. The Cosplay Series features local cosplayers, panelists, and vendors in an intimate setting for attendees to experience the cosplay side of conventions in a fun-size single-day event.

Ticket Packages


Available Until 7/21
$ 12
  • All-Day Admission
  • Panel Access
  • Event Wristband

VIP Package

Registration Ends 6/26/23
$ 40
  • Special Event Sticker
  • Event T-Shirt
  • VIP Badge

Onsite Reg

Purchase At Register
$ 15
  • All-Day Admission
  • Panel Access
  • Event Wristband

Cosplay on the Main Stage

$5 Masquerade Entry

1st Place $75 Prize
2nd Place $50 Prize
3rd Place $25 Prize

Available for Same-Day Purchase or Pre-Register Online, entry valid with proof of purchase. No Pre-judging; Masquerade Only


Our incredible event sponsors, without them none of this would be possible

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